A Fall Senior Session | Halifax Nova Scotia Grad Photographer

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grad portraits in fall

I’ve had the fun of photographing some amazing graduating girls last fall.  This is the final of the trio and I’m so glad to be able to find some time to post the pictures.  Shot in a beautiful little park on a crisp, October day, these pictures show the great style and fashion sense this high school senior has.  The one thing that I keep hearing about her is that she’s as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside, and it shines through in her portrait session.


Outdoors and In | Halifax Nova Scotia Senior Photographer

I was really excited when this graduating girl wanted to get senior pictures done.  Just like the grad in my last post, she was full of personality and we had lots of laughs.

senior portraits outdoors

We started out at the park, but when rain cut our outdoor portraits short, she was more than game to head inside (which actually worked out well, since she was freezing).   I’m still hoping to get a shot of her with her guitar, but we did manage to fit some beautiful pictures of her with her violin in before it really started to pour.

girl with violin

One of the great things about ending up inside, though, is that it shows that you can still get great, personal grad portraits without braving the elements.


teen in jean dress

And that something as simple as a different outfit can complete change the feel of a picture.


If you’re interested in senior/grad pictures that go beyond the cap and gown, I’d love to hear from you.  We can brave the snow or stay inside – your call.



Country Girl at Heart | Halifax Senior Photographer

Whoever you are, graduation from high school is a big deal.  You’ve worked hard for 12 years and nothing says “excitement”, and “accomplishment” like that last year of school.  And, t0 celebrate that, most people having grad photos done.  You know what I’m talking about: you (and all the other kids in your school) make an appointment to get your cap and gown picture done. On the day of, you fix your hair (and your make-up, if you’re a girl), put on the school-colors gown, try to find a way to get that crazy hat to stay on, sit on a stool and smile for five or six pictures, just like everyone else.

Shabby Chic style senior portraits

But what if senior photos could be more than that?  What if a senior portrait session was less about the cookie cutter cap-and-gown pictures and a lot more to do with who each high school senior was? Those are the kind of grad pictures I want to shoot.  Sure, we can do a couple cap-and-gown shots, but the cap and gown is just part of your story.

Country girl senior portraits

Love sports?  Let’s hit the court or the field with you in your uniform.  Love the beach?  We can do pictures there at sunset.  Love all things shabby chic and country?  Then put on a plaid shirt, grab a quilt and we’ll head to this amazing farm I know of.  If we’re lucky, the old black truck will still be there.

senior portrait with truck and guitar


I want to take senior pictures that tell about who you are.  If you’d like grad pictures that tell your story, like the ones of the fabulous girl in the pictures above, just let me know.  We’ll come up with something just for you.

Boy’s Best Friend | Nova Scotia Child Photographer

boy and dog web_1


So we have this schnoodle dog.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with that breed, she’s a schnauzer/poodle mix – hence the schnoodle  name (as a sidenote, we joked about how, if we bread her with a Cocker Spaniel, we could call their puppies schnoocopoos, a word that still makes us laugh).  When her litter was born, we decided she was the perfect kind of puppy for us: non-shedding and free.  Now, she’s still the perfect kind of dog for us: she loves to snuggle with my boys, she makes us laugh, and she’s a great friend to them.  Sure, she gets in the garbage if we’re gone too long and we leave it out, and sometimes she runs away when my boys tell her to come, but there are also times like this, when they’re looking out the window at a snowstorm, just quiet and together.  It makes picking up the chewed up garbage a little easier to handle.

This photo was entered into the I Heart Faces photo challenge – www.iheartfaces.com


Golden Hour | Halifax Contemporary Portrait Photographer

turquoise backdrop

woman laughing

backlit windblown hair

sunset sailboat portrait

denim vest

teen girl on dock


I’ve been so busy with photo sessions and editing that I haven’t had to post some of my favorites from the summer.  When my niece was visiting New Brunswick all the way from the mid-western US, we decided to head out for a photo shoot at Pointe-du-Chene Wharf in Shediac.  They have a beautiful wharf, fantastic little buildings in a fishing-cove style, a beach and a place to get ice cream (because sometimes you just have to stop for ice cream after a photo session).

We got there just as golden hour (the time when the sun just starts to set) began, and the combination of great light and a great subject lead to some gorgeous shots. I love the fact that this girl is equally at home on the wharf by the water as she is breaking horses on the ranch at home.


A Girl and her Pearls | Halifax NS Child Photographer

girl wearing pearls

girl in wingback chair

lovely girl

While I don’t try every picture in black and white to see how it looks, there are some pictures that definitely lend themselves to that genre.  Once I started editing this portrait session, the dress, the pearls (a gift from her great aunt) and the wing back chair seemed to call for black and white.  I love how it highlights this young lady’s gorgeous eyes (seriously – I can’t say enough about those eyes!) and gives the pictures a timeless feel.  And I also cannot get over how grown up she looks in these pictures.

Made for the Woods – Halifax NS Children’s Photographer

wood nymph fb

sweet little girl fb_1


bashful little girl fb

blowing dandelion seeds fb

When visiting with this little lady early in the summer, I had a chance to head out with her and do some pictures to surprise her mom and dad.  As soon as we headed into the woods, she just looked like she belonged there.  I’m pretty sure that if she was a tad smaller and had a pair of wings, she would make a beautiful little woodland pixie.  I don’t get to see her nearly as often as I’d like – which can happen when you live half a continent away from someone, but I think for our next photo session, I’m going to need to look for a flower garland for her gorgeous hair.

Halifax Headshot Photography – Featuring Steph Robbins

Steph robbins portrait

Steph Robbins sitting headshot

Steph Robbins informal headshot

Steph Robbins headshot

Steph Robbins jean jacket

As I’ve mentioned before, a headshot is a valuable part of your business.  In this day of social networking, it’s very likely that someone will see you online before they meet you in person.  Since first impressions are so important, it makes sense to ensure that what people see communicates you and your brand.  When Steph Robbins, of Steph Robbins Ministries, contacted me about new headshots, she said she wanted something a little different than the typical pictures of executives one often comes across.  As a teacher and conference speaker, Steph wanted a picture that made her seem approachable.  With this in mind, I used posing, props and lighting that are a little more informal, but still very professional.  The pictures speak to the fact that she is poised and put-together, but allow a little more personality to shine through.  And the take-away?  A professional picture for business needs to convey to others that you know what you’re doing, but it also can convey to others that you (and they!) know who you are.

For more information about who Steph Robbins is and what she does, please check out her page.


Moncton Flight College Graduate

pilot in uniform

flight school graduate web

Moncton Flight College student

I’ve known this young man (wow – when I say “young man” I feel old) since he was in my husband’s youth group nearly 10 years ago.  So, when his mom told me he had graduated from Moncton Flight College as a pilot and she wanted pictures of him in uniform, I happily obliged.

1950’s Photoshoot – Part 2 | Halifax NS Photographer

girls poodle skirt

yo-yo quilt

girl reading

After the 1950’s photo session we did in the diner (which I posted here yesterday), I couldn’t let this little lady go without getting some pictures of her on her own.  I had purchased the yo-yo quilt at a yard sale to use a photo prop and it, combined with an old book I found and an old-fashioned phone my sister-in-law gave me completed the impromptu look I wanted.  Love the vintage feel of these pictures and this little miss pulls the look off perfectly.

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