We Three

I love doing pictures of these siblings.  They always do so well and Mom is always willing to accomodate my strange requests (How about you get them Christmas jammies in October and find a really big Christmas book for them to read?)  At any rate, from clothes changes to prop and set changes, these little ones were all smiles through it all.

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  1. Diane Samson

     /  December 21, 2010

    Julie, how could they not be all smiles when they get you as a photographer…. your the best, you make them smile all the time. Your not the typical photographer that just says ” now sit there and let me take your picture” You make it fun for them and your great at getting them to laugh:) We are definitley going to miss you and your wonderful family. After christmas we are going to work on getting passports for all of us so that we can come visit. And as for the strange request for christmas jammies and the tree up in October… well i just do whatever you ask for because i know that whatever you need will help you make amazing photos of my kids:)
    Love you guys and miss you all:)


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