My Little Packers Fan – “Borrowing” a Great Idea

As a photographer, I love looking at other photographer’s sites.  I greatly admire their work and creativity, I appreciate their talent, and, yes, I will admit it, I “borrow” their ideas.  Often, I use the ideas of other photographers to fuel my own creativity and make my own unique images.  This time, however, I am unabashedly stealing an idea.  The idea is to take at least one photo every week of my family.  This may sound like a very small accomplishment, considering I’m a photographer, but you know the phrase, “Shoemakers’ wives go barefoot and doctors’ wives die young”?  It refers to the idea that, when you do something all the time for everyone else, you overlook your own family.  This often tends to be my experience with photographing my kids.

See, I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and, unless the background is just right, or the house is uncluttered, or their clothes are matching (and very, very rarely do all of these stars align), I often don’t take pictures of my kids – because they won’t turn out perfectly.  I wonder how many moments I miss because of this.  In fact my husband bought me a little point-and-shoot camera last year for Christmas so I could capture these moments more easily and not have to drag out my “big” camera.  So here’s the deal:  the pictures may not be perfect, but they’re us and they’re our moments.  And the picture on this post is hopefully the first of many.  …although, I have to admit, I am pleased that there seems to be a distinct color scheme going on, even if it wasn’t planned…

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