Getting Great Expressions | Halifax NS Children’s Photographer

These kids are two of my favorite people to photograph.  I’ve been doing shoots of them together since they were four years old (when they first met and decided they were getting married) and this one makes session number four.  These two have taught me something very important about children’s photography: if you want a great shot that captures the personality of the kids you’re photographing, it’s all about working fast, doing what you can, and then capturing what comes naturally.

young love fb

While this lively, lovely red-haired girl and mischievous boy do take direction fairly well, they’re still kids and they don’t want to stay in the same place for long.  With this in mind, I leave them out of “boring” poses until I get my camera settings straight.  Then, I pose and try to get as many shots in as many slight variations as I can while they’re willing.

children outside

And once they start to get a little bored, it’s all about the change-up.  This allows for some moving around and silliness, and fun between shots.  One of my favorite things to do, though, is to get these kids into a pose…

super cute kids fb

…and then catch what happens next.  And, more often than not, that’s when I get some of the pictures of these kids I love the most.

Children laughing

These two are like a real-life Norman Rockwell painting, and really look forward to photographing them.  Oh, and just to let you in on an upcoming session, the little red-haired miss is coming to visit soon.  I’m thinking a 1950’s themed session is in order – stay tuned!

children running


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