Country Girl at Heart | Halifax Senior Photographer

Whoever you are, graduation from high school is a big deal.  You’ve worked hard for 12 years and nothing says “excitement”, and “accomplishment” like that last year of school.  And, t0 celebrate that, most people having grad photos done.  You know what I’m talking about: you (and all the other kids in your school) make an appointment to get your cap and gown picture done. On the day of, you fix your hair (and your make-up, if you’re a girl), put on the school-colors gown, try to find a way to get that crazy hat to stay on, sit on a stool and smile for five or six pictures, just like everyone else.

Shabby Chic style senior portraits

But what if senior photos could be more than that?  What if a senior portrait session was less about the cookie cutter cap-and-gown pictures and a lot more to do with who each high school senior was? Those are the kind of grad pictures I want to shoot.  Sure, we can do a couple cap-and-gown shots, but the cap and gown is just part of your story.

Country girl senior portraits

Love sports?  Let’s hit the court or the field with you in your uniform.  Love the beach?  We can do pictures there at sunset.  Love all things shabby chic and country?  Then put on a plaid shirt, grab a quilt and we’ll head to this amazing farm I know of.  If we’re lucky, the old black truck will still be there.

senior portrait with truck and guitar


I want to take senior pictures that tell about who you are.  If you’d like grad pictures that tell your story, like the ones of the fabulous girl in the pictures above, just let me know.  We’ll come up with something just for you.

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