A Fall Senior Session | Halifax Nova Scotia Grad Photographer

senior girl grad photos Halifax 001

senior girl grad photo posing ideas

senior girl grad photos black and white

teen girl grad photo scarf

grad portraits in fall

I’ve had the fun of photographing some amazing graduating girls last fall.  This is the final of the trio and I’m so glad to be able to find some time to post the pictures.  Shot in a beautiful little park on a crisp, October day, these pictures show the great style and fashion sense this high school senior has.  The one thing that I keep hearing about her is that she’s as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside, and it shines through in her portrait session.



Golden Hour | Halifax Contemporary Portrait Photographer

turquoise backdrop

woman laughing

backlit windblown hair

sunset sailboat portrait

denim vest

teen girl on dock


I’ve been so busy with photo sessions and editing that I haven’t had to post some of my favorites from the summer.  When my niece was visiting New Brunswick all the way from the mid-western US, we decided to head out for a photo shoot at Pointe-du-Chene Wharf in Shediac.  They have a beautiful wharf, fantastic little buildings in a fishing-cove style, a beach and a place to get ice cream (because sometimes you just have to stop for ice cream after a photo session).

We got there just as golden hour (the time when the sun just starts to set) began, and the combination of great light and a great subject lead to some gorgeous shots. I love the fact that this girl is equally at home on the wharf by the water as she is breaking horses on the ranch at home.


A Girl and her Pearls | Halifax NS Child Photographer

girl wearing pearls

girl in wingback chair

lovely girl

While I don’t try every picture in black and white to see how it looks, there are some pictures that definitely lend themselves to that genre.  Once I started editing this portrait session, the dress, the pearls (a gift from her great aunt) and the wing back chair seemed to call for black and white.  I love how it highlights this young lady’s gorgeous eyes (seriously – I can’t say enough about those eyes!) and gives the pictures a timeless feel.  And I also cannot get over how grown up she looks in these pictures.

1950’s Photo Session | Halifax NS Photographer

first date

1950's boys' fashion_1

little cool guy

greased lighting

1950's jukebox diner

1950's diner

saddle shoes_1

I have done stylized photoshoots with these two for quite a few years now, and it all started on Valentine’s Day when they were four years old.  When we moved six hours away, I didn’t think we’d have many more, but this little lady’s mom brought her girls to come visit us and we decided a photo session had to be a part of our time together.  I was trying to think of a great theme when I drove past a 1950’s diner here in Halifax.  The fantastic staff at The Chicken Burger gave us the go-ahead to shoot, costume pieces were found and our kids jumped into their roles.  I love this kind of work, and I love when it turns out this well.  Also, be on the lookout for tomorrow’s post featuring this little red-haired girl all on her own.

Thanks to The Chicken Burger restaurant and its staff for allowing us to photograph there!

Fur Baby Photoshoot | Halifax NS Pet Photographer

King charles cavalier puppy

sleeping dog

puppies on bed_1

puppy dog tails

puppies on bed

cat with different colored eyes

happy cat_1

curious kitten




dogs as art_1

I had the opportunity to photography some adorable fur babies a couple months ago.  While I never did manage to get the shot of all four little ones in the same picture (it would literally have been like herding cats), I was really happy with the great ones we got.  These pets love their momma, and, as long as she was near, they were happy to sit for a minute or two – especially if there were treats involved.


Engagement Session | Halifax NS Photographer

first lake park

laughing couple web

cute couple_1

engagement pic_1

couple texting

I had such a fun time photographing these two.  They’re super-cute, so in love, and up for fun. Plus, they came some great ideas of what they wanted.  For example, since they get teased by their families about always having their electronics out, they wanted to get a picture with their phones, and I love how it turned out.  Wishing them lots of happiness as their summer wedding approaches!


Getting Great Expressions | Halifax NS Children’s Photographer

These kids are two of my favorite people to photograph.  I’ve been doing shoots of them together since they were four years old (when they first met and decided they were getting married) and this one makes session number four.  These two have taught me something very important about children’s photography: if you want a great shot that captures the personality of the kids you’re photographing, it’s all about working fast, doing what you can, and then capturing what comes naturally.

young love fb

While this lively, lovely red-haired girl and mischievous boy do take direction fairly well, they’re still kids and they don’t want to stay in the same place for long.  With this in mind, I leave them out of “boring” poses until I get my camera settings straight.  Then, I pose and try to get as many shots in as many slight variations as I can while they’re willing.

children outside

And once they start to get a little bored, it’s all about the change-up.  This allows for some moving around and silliness, and fun between shots.  One of my favorite things to do, though, is to get these kids into a pose…

super cute kids fb

…and then catch what happens next.  And, more often than not, that’s when I get some of the pictures of these kids I love the most.

Children laughing

These two are like a real-life Norman Rockwell painting, and really look forward to photographing them.  Oh, and just to let you in on an upcoming session, the little red-haired miss is coming to visit soon.  I’m thinking a 1950’s themed session is in order – stay tuned!

children running


P.S. If you’d like to see the other posts of these two, you can click here, here, and  here.

Halifax, Nova Scotia Maternity Photographer

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, and now that I’m going all in on my photography, I have finally updated one of my galleries.  Forget the fact that my dishes aren’t washed, my kitchen’s a mess and I’m still in my pajamas.  The important thing is that the gorgeous pictures of these mommas-to-be are finally posted.  To check them out, click on the “Maternity” link under the gallery heading above, or just click here: http://wp.me/PrvJQ-8u .

I’ve been pregnant three times, and, in each case, I can count on one hand the number of pictures I have of myself.  The ones I do have were taken as quick snapshots by friends or family and, while treasured, aren’t the most flattering.  During the ups and downs of pregnancy, few women feel normal, let alone beautiful. Carrying a baby is an amazing time and deserves to be recognized and celebrated with pictures that make a mother-to-be feel lovely, and that’s what I want to do.  If you, or someone you know, is expecting, I’d love to help you document this amazing time in your life.

Here’s a little sneak-peak of what is possible…

dramatic side-lit maternity portrait

All About the Boys | Halifax Nova Scotia Children’s Photographer

My husband calls me the Mac of photographers.  This isn’t because I’m so high tech, but because I’m all about simplicity in my pictures.  While I do occasionally have stylized photo shoots or make use of a well-placed prop, for everyday sessions I prefer keeping things simple.  I like to keep my studio portraits clean and uncomplicated for a couple of reasons.  First, I believe that it makes the photograph a little more timeless.  If my backdrops are plain, then one isn’t as likely to think, “Oh yeah – that’s when every one wanted barnboard for backdrops.”  The other reason is that there are no distractions to take away from my subjects and their personalities.  Take the boys in these pictures for example:  The pictures are all about them and their expressions.  While they’re handsome enough to look great no matter what, the simple background really helps them shine.

brothers formal portrait

pre-teen boy halifax nova scotia photographer

tween boy posing ideas

little boy blue halifax NS photographer

all boy

happy kids sitting together

brotherly love web

These boys were fantastic to photograph.  They settled right in, gave me lots to work with, and got along beautifully.  In fact, I had so many great pictures of them that I had a hard time picking just the ones I did.  Their faces and expressions pop in these pictures, and the pictures are all about them.


Senior Pictures | Halifax Nova Scotia Grad Photographer

teen by red barn doors

Gilbert rugby ball player

Halifax Nova Scotia Grad photography

fashionable teen guy


senior grad portrait headshot_1


When we lived in the US, I had the opportunity to photograph some wonderful high school seniors.  When a student graduates from high school there, it’s understood that grad portraits are more than just a quick cap-and-gown shot, but rather include on location shoots with settings, outfit changes and props that tell about who the grad is and what he or she loves.  Upon moving back to Canada, I’ve noticed that this doesn’t seem to be the case as much.  Grads are more than just a cap and gown, and I miss seeing senior pictures that celebrate the individuality of the student in them.  That’s why this session was so refreshing.  From this grad’s clothing choices to his rugby ball showing his favorite sport, these pictures are all about him and his personality. I’m looking forward to doing some more sessions like this one!

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