Outdoors and In | Halifax Nova Scotia Senior Photographer

I was really excited when this graduating girl wanted to get senior pictures done.  Just like the grad in my last post, she was full of personality and we had lots of laughs.

senior portraits outdoors

We started out at the park, but when rain cut our outdoor portraits short, she was more than game to head inside (which actually worked out well, since she was freezing).   I’m still hoping to get a shot of her with her guitar, but we did manage to fit some beautiful pictures of her with her violin in before it really started to pour.

girl with violin

One of the great things about ending up inside, though, is that it shows that you can still get great, personal grad portraits without braving the elements.


teen in jean dress

And that something as simple as a different outfit can complete change the feel of a picture.


If you’re interested in senior/grad pictures that go beyond the cap and gown, I’d love to hear from you.  We can brave the snow or stay inside – your call.




Why You Need a Good Headshot | Halifax NS Photographer

The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words has never been more true than in today’s social media-driven digital age.  More often than not, people see your face online long before they meet you in person.  Whether a potential customer is checking out your profile on LinkedIn, or looking up your business on Facebook, Twitter or GooglePlus, a great picture of yourself is a must.  While it’s definitely quicker to simply upload the one Uncle Fred took of you at the park last summer or to grab your selfie stick and stand in front of a white wall, having your pictures done professionally can take your profile to the next level.

There are some important differences between the picture from Uncle Fred and one taken by a professional.  A headshot photographer knows how to use lighting and posing to show you at your best.  They can help you figure out your personal branding by talking through wardrobes and backgrounds.  And, a great photographer will help you to feel at ease and get the shot that communicates your personality and the persona you want to present.

In short, a great professional headshot is an investment that will quickly prove its worth.  If you’re interested in scheduling a session to have yours done, I’d love to hear from you.

business woman_1


women's head shot

corporate portrait_1



Sisterly Love | Halifax Nova Scotia Children’s Photographer

sibling posing ideas web

sisters having fun web


sisters holding hands web




sisters laughing web bw


I grew up with two brothers and now have three boys of my own.  As a result, there is a definite lack of girly giggling, silliness, and cute sassy-ness in my life (I do get little boy sassy-ness, but it’s not nearly as fun).  I get to make up for that lack when I do sessions with girls, though.  These two were all about posing, smiling and having fun with each other. You can easily see in the pictures how much fun they have together.  I’m sure they’re not always like this, but I certainly didn’t see it if they’re not.  And their super-cute sweater dresses?  Well, all I can say is that I hope my boys give me granddaughters someday.  I’m itching to buy some little girl clothes.

Modern Glamour Photography | Halifax Nova Scotia Photographer


modern glamor photography web

glamour shot fb

high key modern glamour fb_1


girl in hot pink dress web

beautiful dreamer web

I’m at the beginning of an on-line course in modern glamour photography and posing.  When I think of glamour photography, my mind instantly goes back to misty shots taken in 1992 involving purple eyeshadow, big bangs and feather boas.  This modern revisiting, though, is all about helping women to feel beautiful by showing them how wonderful they already look with some great posing and lighting thrown in.  Since practice makes perfect, I started in on my first modern glamour session with a fantastic model who was willing to let me try out some new things.  Honestly, she looks great all on her own, but she was still willing to let me try out some things I’d learned.  I’m so grateful that she traveled the hour to come and visit and pose and I love the results.

Growing Family | Halifax NS Photography

silly little girls web

laughing child web

little girl with big smile web

smiling children web

baby belly web

blue plaid bowtie web_2

woman with puppy web

growing family web

young family with dog web_1


This super-sweet family came to me in part to get family pictures done and in part to get maternity pictures done of their beautiful mamma.  The two little girls were wonderful to work with and had no problem posing, playing and smiling and their new puppy even got in on the action a little. Since these pictures were taken, their adorable new addition has arrived, and with a fun and growing family like this, I’m sure there’s lots of fun to be had at their house.

Beautiful Baby Belly |Halifax NS Maternity Photographer

what to expect when you're expecting

busy mom blog board

mother to be blog board

baby belly children

black and white baby belly

beautiful pregnant woman fb

Beautiful mother-to-be fb_1

I was so excited when this Mamma-to-be said she wanted to do maternity portraits.  Not only is she flat out beautiful, but she was so much fun to photograph.  She was super easy-going and we had a bunch of laughs as she put up with some different ideas for poses that I hadn’t used before.  I also loved the fact that her little ones jumped in for a a few pictures.

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