A Girl and her Pearls | Halifax NS Child Photographer

girl wearing pearls

girl in wingback chair

lovely girl

While I don’t try every picture in black and white to see how it looks, there are some pictures that definitely lend themselves to that genre.  Once I started editing this portrait session, the dress, the pearls (a gift from her great aunt) and the wing back chair seemed to call for black and white.  I love how it highlights this young lady’s gorgeous eyes (seriously – I can’t say enough about those eyes!) and gives the pictures a timeless feel.  And I also cannot get over how grown up she looks in these pictures.


1950’s Photo Session | Halifax NS Photographer

first date

1950's boys' fashion_1

little cool guy

greased lighting

1950's jukebox diner

1950's diner

saddle shoes_1

I have done stylized photoshoots with these two for quite a few years now, and it all started on Valentine’s Day when they were four years old.  When we moved six hours away, I didn’t think we’d have many more, but this little lady’s mom brought her girls to come visit us and we decided a photo session had to be a part of our time together.  I was trying to think of a great theme when I drove past a 1950’s diner here in Halifax.  The fantastic staff at The Chicken Burger gave us the go-ahead to shoot, costume pieces were found and our kids jumped into their roles.  I love this kind of work, and I love when it turns out this well.  Also, be on the lookout for tomorrow’s post featuring this little red-haired girl all on her own.

Thanks to The Chicken Burger restaurant and its staff for allowing us to photograph there!

All About the Boys | Halifax Nova Scotia Children’s Photographer

My husband calls me the Mac of photographers.  This isn’t because I’m so high tech, but because I’m all about simplicity in my pictures.  While I do occasionally have stylized photo shoots or make use of a well-placed prop, for everyday sessions I prefer keeping things simple.  I like to keep my studio portraits clean and uncomplicated for a couple of reasons.  First, I believe that it makes the photograph a little more timeless.  If my backdrops are plain, then one isn’t as likely to think, “Oh yeah – that’s when every one wanted barnboard for backdrops.”  The other reason is that there are no distractions to take away from my subjects and their personalities.  Take the boys in these pictures for example:  The pictures are all about them and their expressions.  While they’re handsome enough to look great no matter what, the simple background really helps them shine.

brothers formal portrait

pre-teen boy halifax nova scotia photographer

tween boy posing ideas

little boy blue halifax NS photographer

all boy

happy kids sitting together

brotherly love web

These boys were fantastic to photograph.  They settled right in, gave me lots to work with, and got along beautifully.  In fact, I had so many great pictures of them that I had a hard time picking just the ones I did.  Their faces and expressions pop in these pictures, and the pictures are all about them.


Bundle of Personality | Halifax NS Photographer

little boy in fedora collage


laughing little boy collage


little  boy in navy blue shirt and jeans sitting on stool on a grey background

This little man is a whole bunch of fun packed into a small, busy package.  He loves to laugh and can certainly ham it up for a camera.  One of the great things about photographing kids is that you never know for sure what you’re going to get until you load the pictures on to your computer.  The “gold” shot for me in the whole bunch is his “little rocker” pose at the end.  His huge personality really shines through in all of his pictures, but this one makes my smile every single time.  I love it when those kind of shots come along!

Beautiful Baby Belly |Halifax NS Maternity Photographer

what to expect when you're expecting

busy mom blog board

mother to be blog board

baby belly children

black and white baby belly

beautiful pregnant woman fb

Beautiful mother-to-be fb_1

I was so excited when this Mamma-to-be said she wanted to do maternity portraits.  Not only is she flat out beautiful, but she was so much fun to photograph.  She was super easy-going and we had a bunch of laughs as she put up with some different ideas for poses that I hadn’t used before.  I also loved the fact that her little ones jumped in for a a few pictures.

Boy vs. Mud Puddle | Halifax Children’s Photographer

all boy

I have this boy who absolutely loves anything that sparks of adventure or danger, whether it’s climbing to the very top of the playground equipment, skiing on the biggest hill allowed, or biking through the deepest mud puddle he can find.  So, when we came across just such a puddle on a bike ride after a rainstorm one day, he was dying to speed through it. Since I know his propensity for dirt and excitement, and since I happened to have my camera with me, I happily let him.  He wasn’t thrilled to hit the shower to get the dirt off when he got home, but he had a pretty great time getting messy in the first place.


This photo was entered into the I Heart Faces photo challenge – www.iheartfaces.com


Beautiful in Black and White

happy little boy

fedora webpicture of innocence websweet little girlchildren laughing_1

There’s just something about black and white that brings out the emotion in a picture.  I think that’s why I love the pics of this brother and sister duo in monochrome.  They’re so expressive already, and having their pictures displayed in black and white brings that out even more.  From their beautiful eyes to their adorable smiles – it just makes them even better.

Better in Black and White? Halifax Children’s Photographer

child working hardI posted this picture on Facebook in two versions – one in color and one in black and white and asked people to comment on their favorite version, with the plan to post the one people liked best here on my blog.  So, the other day, I went with the color picture (you can see it in the previous post).  Because I couldn’t decide which I liked best, though, I decided to post the black and white picture as well.  I love the picture and I still don’t know which version I like more. I guess it’s all about the eye of the beholder.

Long-Distance Relationships

It all started with an idea I had for a Valentine’s-themed photo session.  They were friends, they were adorable, and they apparently decided they were going to get married.

young love

The following year, a certain red-haired girl asked when we were doing our Valentine session, “…because we ALWAYS do them.” So along came this.

together with balloons crop effect

And then?  We moved away.  And pictures aren’t quite the same this year.  But my boy still talks about his “future wife” and about how they are going to the same college and get married and about how he misses her.  So, this came next.

valentine's storyboardI have it on good authority that, when Chloe saw these, she almost cried.  We miss you, bunches, our favorite red-head.  Pictures this year weren’t the same without you.  Although Sean did find some ways to be silly on his own and with another curly-haired girl (see below), we can’t wait until we can do some more pictures with you.

valentine's kiss

funny valentine

(…as a side note, I don’t think you have to worry too much about the four-legged girl…)

If you would like to see the original pictures from the previous years’ Valentine session, you can click here and here.

His Expressive Eyebrows | Halifax Children’s Photographer

funny little boy low res

I’ve always known that this little man of mine has very expressive eyebrows.  The first time I got a great picture of them was a couple of years ago (you can see it here).  Lately, though, those eyebrows of his have been able to convey just about anything.  So, a little while back, I decided to shoot a bunch of pictures solely of his great expressions and he happily obliged and hammed things up as he often does.  I have even more that I could have put into the collage, but these are some of his best.  I have no idea what God has in store for my funny little man, but I have a hunch he’s going to have a lot of fun on the way and that the people around him might enjoy it, too.

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