Three Sisters in the Studio

As I continue to update my blog, I’m loving going through the sessions from last year that haven’t gotten posted yet. I’ve known the two youngest girls in this family for a couple of years now, and it’s been fun to watch them grow. I can easily remember the youngest sister as a baby in a stroller, all bundled up in the wintertime with just her big, blue eyes showing. So when I got a call about doing a photo session with all three girls, I was excited to do it. They were a great group to have in my studio and the pictures and loved to pose – which is fantastic for any photographer. The pictures turned out beautifully and I still can’t get over the beautiful eyes on these three.














Made for the Woods – Halifax NS Children’s Photographer

wood nymph fb

sweet little girl fb_1


bashful little girl fb

blowing dandelion seeds fb

When visiting with this little lady early in the summer, I had a chance to head out with her and do some pictures to surprise her mom and dad.  As soon as we headed into the woods, she just looked like she belonged there.  I’m pretty sure that if she was a tad smaller and had a pair of wings, she would make a beautiful little woodland pixie.  I don’t get to see her nearly as often as I’d like – which can happen when you live half a continent away from someone, but I think for our next photo session, I’m going to need to look for a flower garland for her gorgeous hair.

Sweet Little Sisters | Halifax NS Children’s Photographer

real life china doll

a little sweetheart

excited little girl 2

little girl wearing hat 2

little sisters

One of the fun parts of being a photographer is being able to watch little ones as they and their families grow.  I’ve been photographing the girls in this family since the oldest was a baby and it’s been wonderful to help chronicle their little lives as they grow up.  Although they definitely have they’re own personalities (big sister was all about posing and loved being in front of the camera, while little sister took some time – and some well-placed bribes to warm up), they’re both sweet and were great to photograph.  I’m looking forward to see how they’ve changed when I’m back to photograph them again.

Beautiful in Black and White

happy little boy

fedora webpicture of innocence websweet little girlchildren laughing_1

There’s just something about black and white that brings out the emotion in a picture.  I think that’s why I love the pics of this brother and sister duo in monochrome.  They’re so expressive already, and having their pictures displayed in black and white brings that out even more.  From their beautiful eyes to their adorable smiles – it just makes them even better.

Soccer Princess and Style

girl playing soccer

child playing soccer

soccer kick

soccer princessMore than two years ago, I showed up to watch my son’s soccer practice, which also happened to fall on school picture day.  When I saw this little miss in her beautiful dress, lovely curled hair and pink shin guards giving the practice all she had, I got my camera and started clicking.  I posted the pictures I took that day and now, two years later, it’s still one of my most viewed posts.  My style’s changed a little bit since then, though.  I like my pictures to be more natural and less processed.  So, I thought it might be fun to revisit the pictures and edit them in my evolving simpler style.  Now, they’re a little bit less about what my editing program can do and a little bit more about the fierce soccer princess in the pictures.

If you’d like to compare, you can check out the original soccer princess pictures here.

Long-Distance Relationships

It all started with an idea I had for a Valentine’s-themed photo session.  They were friends, they were adorable, and they apparently decided they were going to get married.

young love

The following year, a certain red-haired girl asked when we were doing our Valentine session, “…because we ALWAYS do them.” So along came this.

together with balloons crop effect

And then?  We moved away.  And pictures aren’t quite the same this year.  But my boy still talks about his “future wife” and about how they are going to the same college and get married and about how he misses her.  So, this came next.

valentine's storyboardI have it on good authority that, when Chloe saw these, she almost cried.  We miss you, bunches, our favorite red-head.  Pictures this year weren’t the same without you.  Although Sean did find some ways to be silly on his own and with another curly-haired girl (see below), we can’t wait until we can do some more pictures with you.

valentine's kiss

funny valentine

(…as a side note, I don’t think you have to worry too much about the four-legged girl…)

If you would like to see the original pictures from the previous years’ Valentine session, you can click here and here.

Super-cute and Ready for Christmas | Halifax Children’s Photographer

girl with dark hair wearing pink Christmas pajamas lying on white fur

happy baby

sisters in christmas jammies web

Party dress

baby girl in gold Christmas dress looking at camera over shoulder

Black and white tight headshot of light-haired baby girl looking camera left

I did this session with these two super-cute girls back before Christmas and, now that all the Christmas busyness is done, I’m finally finding time to post them.  The older sister of this duo is lots of fun:  really smiley,  precocious, and ready to pose.  The little one?  Adorable, smiley and a bunch of sweetness fit the bill.  Together, they just make for a whole lot of cute in one post.

Family Pictures at the Park


young family fall pictures_1sisters holding hands web

three sisters web

running in woods weblittle mona lisa outside web

serenity web

There’s a gorgeous park not too far from my home.  When this family asked me to do fall pictures for them, I thought this would be a great setting.  The fall backdrop was fantastic, the girls were loving the camera, and the pictures turned out beautifully – even if it was a little chilly.

Cute Kids, Candy and a Bunch of Balloons

large collageI have a wonderful friend who I will someday hire as the stylist for my photo sessions.  The pictures above are an example of why.  She came to me one day and said she’d love to do a candy-themed photo session with her kids that involved lots of fun and color and balloons.  One giant lollipop, a red petitskirt, some candy-striped leggings and a bag of balloons later, and we were good to go.  This was one photo session where the kids were completely on board.

Playing Hopscotch

girl playing hopscotch

This month’s theme for I Heart Faces’ photo contest is “Jump”.  Last fall, one of my favorite families headed to the park with me for pictures.  This super-fun one was snapped as their little girl was showing how she could play hopscotch (fyi – chalk makes a great bring-along for fun photos!) and I thought it fit the theme beautifully.  Even though we still have lots of summer to go, her sweater dress, leather boots and the leaves on the ground make me look forward to crisper days of Fall – but I don’t want to rush it.


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