Made for the Woods – Halifax NS Children’s Photographer

wood nymph fb

sweet little girl fb_1


bashful little girl fb

blowing dandelion seeds fb

When visiting with this little lady early in the summer, I had a chance to head out with her and do some pictures to surprise her mom and dad.  As soon as we headed into the woods, she just looked like she belonged there.  I’m pretty sure that if she was a tad smaller and had a pair of wings, she would make a beautiful little woodland pixie.  I don’t get to see her nearly as often as I’d like – which can happen when you live half a continent away from someone, but I think for our next photo session, I’m going to need to look for a flower garland for her gorgeous hair.


Soccer Princess and Style

girl playing soccer

child playing soccer

soccer kick

soccer princessMore than two years ago, I showed up to watch my son’s soccer practice, which also happened to fall on school picture day.  When I saw this little miss in her beautiful dress, lovely curled hair and pink shin guards giving the practice all she had, I got my camera and started clicking.  I posted the pictures I took that day and now, two years later, it’s still one of my most viewed posts.  My style’s changed a little bit since then, though.  I like my pictures to be more natural and less processed.  So, I thought it might be fun to revisit the pictures and edit them in my evolving simpler style.  Now, they’re a little bit less about what my editing program can do and a little bit more about the fierce soccer princess in the pictures.

If you’d like to compare, you can check out the original soccer princess pictures here.

Better in Black and White? Halifax Children’s Photographer

child working hardI posted this picture on Facebook in two versions – one in color and one in black and white and asked people to comment on their favorite version, with the plan to post the one people liked best here on my blog.  So, the other day, I went with the color picture (you can see it in the previous post).  Because I couldn’t decide which I liked best, though, I decided to post the black and white picture as well.  I love the picture and I still don’t know which version I like more. I guess it’s all about the eye of the beholder.

A Hard Day’s Work | Halifax, NS Children’s Photographer

a hard day's work

I love this picture of this little chubby boy.  It isn’t posed or planned.  I had my camera out to take some pictures of him (he really is ridiculously cute), but he was more interested in getting the lawn finished before bedtime.  So, I just clicked away while he “worked”.  And it worked for me.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a chubby baby belly.  And just about everyone I know can relate to working until a job is done, no matter how tough that uphill push can be.

rock the shot button

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My Boys Playing Ball | Halifax Children’s Photographer

football fan

little tough guy

little boy runningplaying football_1boy playing football_2brothers playing football togetherrunning with the ball_2

brothers walking together_1

Even though you can’t tell to look outside at our snow-covered ground, we had a couple of days back in January that were about 10 degrees Celsius.   My oldest got a new football for Christmas and, as it had not yet been tried, my boys decided to put the ball through its paces.  I know there’s a lot of pictures there, but I loved the looks of determination on the faces of my boys, the smiles they  had as they played together, and (as a photographer) how their clothes stood out against the winter wet.  It was one of those rare moments when they all got along and had fun. And I even have proof that it happened.

A Prince and His Princess

web princess and knight

This month’s theme for Rock the Shot’s photo contest is “Halloween Costume”.  When trying to decide on a picture to enter, this one came to mind.  It’s one of my favorites from this session.  I love taking pictures of these two, and when I wanted to do a story-book themed princess and knight session around Halloween last year, these two worked beautifully.  My little man donned his favorite knight costume, and his princess had a beautiful dress purchased by her mommy.  My only job was to step back and shoot as the storybook magic unfolded.

rock the shot button

Playing Hopscotch

girl playing hopscotch

This month’s theme for I Heart Faces’ photo contest is “Jump”.  Last fall, one of my favorite families headed to the park with me for pictures.  This super-fun one was snapped as their little girl was showing how she could play hopscotch (fyi – chalk makes a great bring-along for fun photos!) and I thought it fit the theme beautifully.  Even though we still have lots of summer to go, her sweater dress, leather boots and the leaves on the ground make me look forward to crisper days of Fall – but I don’t want to rush it.


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My Boy at Play

my little cowboy

With helping direct our boys’ school musical to finishing course work to getting ready to move, I’ve barely had time to pick up my camera, let alone post anything new.  But when I saw that the theme for I Heart Faces’ monthly photo contest was “Play”, I knew I had to post a picture and one from this set immediately came to mind.  One of my favorite things about the pictures I shot of my little guy this day is that sometimes, you don’t make a picture; you just see one about to happen and follow the action.  When I saw my little guy headed outside at sunset with a stick horse and a straw hat, I knew it was going to be worth it to leave the sink full of dishes, grab my camera and follow him out.  I’m glad I did.


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Just Hangin’ Around

hanging from monkey bars

He’s my daredevil.  Whether it’s on the playground, in the swimming pool, at the hockey rink, or just jumping off the bed, I can count on him to try it – just to see what would happen.  The great thing is that this month’s photo challenge from I Heart Faces is the theme “Framed”.  I love how the caterpillar monkey bars from which my boy is precariously dangling frame him in this picture, because it fits with the theme.  And, even more than that, I love how those same monkey bars that are framing him also give his grappling feet a foothold so that I don’t have to have 911 pre-dialed on my cell phone while snapping this shot.


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