1950’s Photo Session | Halifax NS Photographer

first date

1950's boys' fashion_1

little cool guy

greased lighting

1950's jukebox diner

1950's diner

saddle shoes_1

I have done stylized photoshoots with these two for quite a few years now, and it all started on Valentine’s Day when they were four years old.  When we moved six hours away, I didn’t think we’d have many more, but this little lady’s mom brought her girls to come visit us and we decided a photo session had to be a part of our time together.  I was trying to think of a great theme when I drove past a 1950’s diner here in Halifax.  The fantastic staff at The Chicken Burger gave us the go-ahead to shoot, costume pieces were found and our kids jumped into their roles.  I love this kind of work, and I love when it turns out this well.  Also, be on the lookout for tomorrow’s post featuring this little red-haired girl all on her own.

Thanks to The Chicken Burger restaurant and its staff for allowing us to photograph there!


Better in Black and White? Halifax Children’s Photographer

child working hardI posted this picture on Facebook in two versions – one in color and one in black and white and asked people to comment on their favorite version, with the plan to post the one people liked best here on my blog.  So, the other day, I went with the color picture (you can see it in the previous post).  Because I couldn’t decide which I liked best, though, I decided to post the black and white picture as well.  I love the picture and I still don’t know which version I like more. I guess it’s all about the eye of the beholder.

A Hard Day’s Work | Halifax, NS Children’s Photographer

a hard day's work

I love this picture of this little chubby boy.  It isn’t posed or planned.  I had my camera out to take some pictures of him (he really is ridiculously cute), but he was more interested in getting the lawn finished before bedtime.  So, I just clicked away while he “worked”.  And it worked for me.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a chubby baby belly.  And just about everyone I know can relate to working until a job is done, no matter how tough that uphill push can be.

rock the shot button

This picture was entered in a photo challenge at http://www.rocktheshotforum.com

One Foggy Day

little boy pretending_1

little boy in woods web_1

curious little boy web_1

wooded path web_1

One foggy day, I went for a walk in the woods with a little boy.  When I realized how gorgeous it was and saw how his red coat stood out beautifully against the greens and browns and mist, I decided to come back later with the boy and my camera .  The boy the boy happily agreed and we set out again. He promptly put his world-class imagination to work as we walked on the path in the woods.  And I gladly snapped away as he did.

A Prince and His Princess

web princess and knight

This month’s theme for Rock the Shot’s photo contest is “Halloween Costume”.  When trying to decide on a picture to enter, this one came to mind.  It’s one of my favorites from this session.  I love taking pictures of these two, and when I wanted to do a story-book themed princess and knight session around Halloween last year, these two worked beautifully.  My little man donned his favorite knight costume, and his princess had a beautiful dress purchased by her mommy.  My only job was to step back and shoot as the storybook magic unfolded.


rock the shot button

My Boy at Play

my little cowboy

With helping direct our boys’ school musical to finishing course work to getting ready to move, I’ve barely had time to pick up my camera, let alone post anything new.  But when I saw that the theme for I Heart Faces’ monthly photo contest was “Play”, I knew I had to post a picture and one from this set immediately came to mind.  One of my favorite things about the pictures I shot of my little guy this day is that sometimes, you don’t make a picture; you just see one about to happen and follow the action.  When I saw my little guy headed outside at sunset with a stick horse and a straw hat, I knew it was going to be worth it to leave the sink full of dishes, grab my camera and follow him out.  I’m glad I did.


This photo was entered in a photo challenge at www.iheartfaces.com

When life hands you socks…

two sock puppetsSo, because I had a picture in mind that I wanted to capture, I made my three-year-old put his own socks on this morning with my camera at the ready.  I figured it was a win-win.  He’d learn to put on his socks, and I’d get a picture of the process.  True to form, my boy went about it his way: with his imagination engaged.  Apparently, we needed some sock puppet entertainment before the socks mundanely took their place on his feet.

A Doll with her Doll | Halifax, NS Children’s Photographer

web little girl fixing hair

web girl and her doll

web favorite doll

web little girl laughing

web little girl with curly hair

Here’s the big sister to the newborn in yesterday’s post.  I first photographed her over a year ago.  I say “photographed her” but should clarify:  she was very shy and I could only get one picture of her before saw me and ran for mom (you can find that picture here).  Since then, she’s obviously gotten a lot more comfortable with me and was actually willing to pose for some pictures.  I also love the addition of her very well-loved dolly, who I believe is actually named Dolly.

Happily Ever After

web young knight

web warrior princess with bow

web warrior princess

web happily ever after_1

web bashful knight

web medieval princess

web look of adoration

It’s so much fun taking pictures of these two. I first photographed them for a Valentine’s project I wanted to do.  They are naturals together and love being in front of the camera.  That’s why when I thought of doing some dress-up princess and knight pictures as part of my Storybook Project, these are the two kids that came to mind as my subjects.  These kids are wonderful and silly and love to act and have fun with each other and most of the time, I’d set them up in a pose and then snap away as they’d just be themselves together.  I’m loving the results.  I’m thinking they’d make great pirates, too…

Oh, and thanks to the princess’s mommy – the dress you found for this was perfect!

Happily Ever After – Sneak Peek

princess costume, knight costume

Ever since doing the Storybook Princess as part one of my Storybook Project, I’ve wanted to photograph these two as a knight and princess.  This week, the princess’s mother found an amazing dress, I gathered my little knight’s garb, and we came together today to hopefully make some magic.  I think we accomplished our goal.  This sneak peek is just a sample of some of the beautiful pics that are to come.

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