Three Sisters in the Studio

As I continue to update my blog, I’m loving going through the sessions from last year that haven’t gotten posted yet. I’ve known the two youngest girls in this family for a couple of years now, and it’s been fun to watch them grow. I can easily remember the youngest sister as a baby in a stroller, all bundled up in the wintertime with just her big, blue eyes showing. So when I got a call about doing a photo session with all three girls, I was excited to do it. They were a great group to have in my studio and the pictures and loved to pose – which is fantastic for any photographer. The pictures turned out beautifully and I still can’t get over the beautiful eyes on these three.














Sisterly Love | Halifax Nova Scotia Children’s Photographer

sibling posing ideas web

sisters having fun web


sisters holding hands web




sisters laughing web bw


I grew up with two brothers and now have three boys of my own.  As a result, there is a definite lack of girly giggling, silliness, and cute sassy-ness in my life (I do get little boy sassy-ness, but it’s not nearly as fun).  I get to make up for that lack when I do sessions with girls, though.  These two were all about posing, smiling and having fun with each other. You can easily see in the pictures how much fun they have together.  I’m sure they’re not always like this, but I certainly didn’t see it if they’re not.  And their super-cute sweater dresses?  Well, all I can say is that I hope my boys give me granddaughters someday.  I’m itching to buy some little girl clothes.

Growing Family | Halifax NS Photography

silly little girls web

laughing child web

little girl with big smile web

smiling children web

baby belly web

blue plaid bowtie web_2

woman with puppy web

growing family web

young family with dog web_1


This super-sweet family came to me in part to get family pictures done and in part to get maternity pictures done of their beautiful mamma.  The two little girls were wonderful to work with and had no problem posing, playing and smiling and their new puppy even got in on the action a little. Since these pictures were taken, their adorable new addition has arrived, and with a fun and growing family like this, I’m sure there’s lots of fun to be had at their house.

Sweet Little Sisters | Halifax NS Children’s Photographer

real life china doll

a little sweetheart

excited little girl 2

little girl wearing hat 2

little sisters

One of the fun parts of being a photographer is being able to watch little ones as they and their families grow.  I’ve been photographing the girls in this family since the oldest was a baby and it’s been wonderful to help chronicle their little lives as they grow up.  Although they definitely have they’re own personalities (big sister was all about posing and loved being in front of the camera, while little sister took some time – and some well-placed bribes to warm up), they’re both sweet and were great to photograph.  I’m looking forward to see how they’ve changed when I’m back to photograph them again.

Sisters in Black and White | Halifax Children’s Photographer

beautiful black and white fb

serious little girl fb

girl in fedora web

serious little girl 2 web

lovely sisters together web

So I promise you that I did take picture of these lovely sisters with lots of smiles.  I also have a full set of color pictures from the session.  I just loved the quieter serious expressions paired with the black and white tones so much that these are the ones I decided to showcase.  I’m certain, though, that if you ask them, they’ll tell you they had a good time – especially once the dress-up stuff came out.


Super-cute and Ready for Christmas | Halifax Children’s Photographer

girl with dark hair wearing pink Christmas pajamas lying on white fur

happy baby

sisters in christmas jammies web

Party dress

baby girl in gold Christmas dress looking at camera over shoulder

Black and white tight headshot of light-haired baby girl looking camera left

I did this session with these two super-cute girls back before Christmas and, now that all the Christmas busyness is done, I’m finally finding time to post them.  The older sister of this duo is lots of fun:  really smiley,  precocious, and ready to pose.  The little one?  Adorable, smiley and a bunch of sweetness fit the bill.  Together, they just make for a whole lot of cute in one post.

Different but the Same | Halifax, NS Children’s Photographer

girl with attitude

just being herself

little girl with glasses

lovely little girl

little red haired girl

little red-haired girl

two sisters

Different, but the same – it describes these two sisters perfectly and in more than just looks.  One is outgoing and precocious; one is content to observe and take everything in.  One is all about girlie things and princesses, the other wanted the Bat Cave for Christmas.  I’m sure there are times that one’s differences drive the other crazy.  But they share a lot of the same traits as well.  Each girl is fearless in her own way.  Each girl is a fighter when times get tough.  Each girl is sweet and loving.  And I have a hunch that they both may have a silly streak.  They may not always agree on what to play together (perhaps Cinderella’s next ball could be held in Gotham City?), but I have a hunch that, more often than not, the things they have in common help to connect them in spite of it.


Mommy’s Little Girls | Halifax, NS Family Photographer

web mother and daughters

web tire swing

web girl with apple

web apple and hat

web pink ruffle scarf

Web sunny slope peaches peach crate

web newborn in peach crate

I had a great time doing pictures of these girls and their Mommy.  All three are gorgeous!  I was so lucky to have Mom be so agreeable to trying out some props that I had been wanting to use (that peach crate’s been on my shelf for ages!).  She even brought some of her own (you can check out this adorable tutu pic from an earlier post).  One of my crowning moments, though, was getting big sister to smile for me.  I’ve know this little girl for some time, and have never gotten one out of her until our picture day.  That’s what I’ll call success

Playing Dress-up

Since I don’t have any little girls, playing dress-up in my house consists of super hero costumes, pirate vests, toy guns and the occasional towel or blanket-turned cape.  It’s done a little bit differently in the home of these two little girls.  Their items of choice were princess costumes, tutus, flowers and even Mom’s wedding dress.  I know these pictures will bring back lots of memories for them and will get an “Awww!” on the wedding day for the big sister, with Mom most likely holding back some tears.

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