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I have this boy who absolutely loves anything that sparks of adventure or danger, whether it’s climbing to the very top of the playground equipment, skiing on the biggest hill allowed, or biking through the deepest mud puddle he can find.  So, when we came across just such a puddle on a bike ride after a rainstorm one day, he was dying to speed through it. Since I know his propensity for dirt and excitement, and since I happened to have my camera with me, I happily let him.  He wasn’t thrilled to hit the shower to get the dirt off when he got home, but he had a pretty great time getting messy in the first place.


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Soccer Princess and Style

girl playing soccer

child playing soccer

soccer kick

soccer princessMore than two years ago, I showed up to watch my son’s soccer practice, which also happened to fall on school picture day.  When I saw this little miss in her beautiful dress, lovely curled hair and pink shin guards giving the practice all she had, I got my camera and started clicking.  I posted the pictures I took that day and now, two years later, it’s still one of my most viewed posts.  My style’s changed a little bit since then, though.  I like my pictures to be more natural and less processed.  So, I thought it might be fun to revisit the pictures and edit them in my evolving simpler style.  Now, they’re a little bit less about what my editing program can do and a little bit more about the fierce soccer princess in the pictures.

If you’d like to compare, you can check out the original soccer princess pictures here.

My Boys Playing Ball | Halifax Children’s Photographer

football fan

little tough guy

little boy runningplaying football_1boy playing football_2brothers playing football togetherrunning with the ball_2

brothers walking together_1

Even though you can’t tell to look outside at our snow-covered ground, we had a couple of days back in January that were about 10 degrees Celsius.   My oldest got a new football for Christmas and, as it had not yet been tried, my boys decided to put the ball through its paces.  I know there’s a lot of pictures there, but I loved the looks of determination on the faces of my boys, the smiles they  had as they played together, and (as a photographer) how their clothes stood out against the winter wet.  It was one of those rare moments when they all got along and had fun. And I even have proof that it happened.

At the Skate Park

skate park tough guy web

little boy at skate park web

boy on skateboard_1

practice jump web

skate board ramp web

I have this little boy who hasn’t met a challenge he wouldn’t try.  To him, it’s not a matter of if something can be done, but how.  So, when he decided he wanted to try skateboarding, we headed off to the park to give it a shot. The fact that he’s not quite there yet really doesn’t matter.  He will be.  That’s just who he is.

We All Have to Start Somewhere…

Even though he’d never been on skates before, he began his first morning of hockey with dreams of being the next Sydney Crosby.  It wasn’t easy, and when he dropped his stick and fell for the eighth time in five minutes, things weren’t looking good – that’s when I caught this picture.  Not too much later, though, the coach brought “walkers” to help the new skaters balance, and by the time an hour was done, he was better than me.  I’m glad I got this moment to remember, though.  Down the road, when he’s skating circles around me, it’ll remind him that we all have to start somewhere.

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I Heart Faces Contest – People’s Choice

I’ve had many people who loved my “Soccer Princess” pictures tell me I should enter them in a contest.  So guess what?  I am.  There’s a People’s Choice category this week at I Heart Faces in which you can enter your favorite photo of the summer and this is definitely one of my favorites.  I love the fact that this situation wasn’t planned.  Since school begins in August here, I came to watch soccer practice and found the princess in question.  She had dressed up for school pictures and refused to change into her soccer clothes for practice.  I may not win, but the picture was too cute not to try.

This photo was entered into the I Heart Faces photo challenge –

Soccer Princess

What do you get when you cross school picture day with after school soccer practice?  A little girl who plays soccer in a princess-y dress and pink cleats.  When I saw this soccer princess on the field after school, I knew I had to run home and get my camera.  Nike ad, anyone?

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